Welcome to Strathpine Physie!

We welcome all girls and ladies from 3 years and above to join in the fun! Our classes combine jazz, fitness, ballet, modern dance and both standing and floor exercises into one class!

For more information please click the links or contact Maddison Goodwin-Gower on 0488 409 416 or strathpinephysie@gmail.com

My daughter started at Strathpine Physical Culture when she was 3 years old in the kindy class. She was a shy little girl who had a passion to dance but terrible stage fright. Under the guidance of the wonderful Miss Maddison my daughter was able to develop the confidence to overcome her fear of performing whilst discovering a passion for a sport that truly empowers girls and ladies of all ages.

Strathpine Physical Culture is a beautiful family oriented club. We have made beautiful lifelong friends during the 6 years with the club and I highly would recommend coming and giving “Physie” a try.


Mackenzie’s Mum