What is Physie?

Physical Culture or Physie (pronounced ‘fizzy’) is a dance sport for girls and women. We aim to build confidence, poise and grace as well as developing good posture, strength, fitness, flexibility, co-ordination and balance through a program of fitness and dance.  Above all physie builds life long friendships and teaches its students to strive for their goals!

Bjelke-Petersen Physical Culture is a 126 year old association with 150 locations in 5 states of Australia. Our age-appropriate choreography includes a wide range of dance forms including basic ballet and contemporary dance, aerobic jazz and hip hop routines as well as strength building standing and floor exercises.

Routines are learnt and practiced throughout the year to culminate in a series of both friendly and competitive performances. Members can compete as an individual or in a team at club, state and national levels and perform at prestigious venues such as the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Sydney Olympic Park and the Sydney Opera House!

Physie is a low-cost, fun and friendly dance form that promotes mens sana in corpore sana, a healthy mind in a healthy body!