Wow! What a great year we have had this year at Strathpine Physie! Here’s a look at some of our State and National results!

Junior QLD State Finals
6 years state finalists: Chelsy, Grace and Jess 

7 year state finalist: Emma
8 year state finalists: Gemma and Sienna (5th place)
10 year state finalist: Jennifer 
11 year state finalists: Nikki and Holly 
12 year state finalist: Lydia (4th place) 
13 year state finalist: Christina 
14 year state finalist: Amber 

Junior QLD State Teams
5/6 year teams: Rubies – beautiful! Diamonds – 4th place
7/8 year team: 3rd place 
9/10 year team: 4th place 
11/12 year team: 2nd place

Senior QLD State Finals 
2nd Year Senior state finalists: Melissa 
Open Senior state finalists: Arlia and Maddison (5th place) 

Ladies QLD State Finals 
Novice state finalists: Rebecca, Amber, Belinda (1st place) and Nicole (6th place)
Intermediate state finalists: Lisa (1st place) 
Under 33 state finalists: Laurie, Kacey (2nd place) and Kara (6th place) 

Ladies QLD State Teams 
Novice Team: QLD State Champions (for the second year in a row!)
Open Ladies Teams: Diamonds (2nd place) and Pearls (4th place) 

National Finalists 
12 years: Lydia
2nd year senior: Melissa
Open Senior 19/20 years: Maddison
Novice National Finalists: Belinda and Nicole 
 Under 33 National Finalist: Kacey 


5 years: Kayla 
6 years: Chelsy 
7 years: Emma 
8 years: Gemma 
9 years: Emily
10 years: Jennifer 
11 years: Nicole 
12 years: Lydia 
13 years: Christina 
14 years: Amber
2nd years: Melissa

Junior Marching Trophy: Gemma
Intermediate Marching Trophy: Lydia
Senior Marching Trophy: Maddison
Teacher’s Choice Award: Kasey
2013 CLUB CHAMPION: Lydia 

Thank you to ALL members and families for a FANTASTIC year!! We wish you a very merry Christmas and we hope to see you all back in 2014 for a bigger and better year!