What better way to spend the school holidays than with a whole day of PHYSIE?! 40 ‘Strathpinettes’ and ‘Evertonites’ participated in the first Physie Workshop the club has held in over ten years! We had a fantastic day full of fitness and bootcamps, marching, technique, games, designing leotards, choreography and of course physie! The girls aged between 5 and 12 years were enthusiastic, full of energy and best of all, well behaved throughout the day! At the end of the day all the parents were invited to come and watch how hard the girls had worked at learning and choreographing their new dances. Thank-you to Everton Physie Club for joining us yesterday and Miss Ainsley Grant for all your help! I would also like to thank Laurie Birch, a Strathpine lady and personal trainer from ‘The Bootcamp Team’ for your fantastic bootcamps, I think it was a highlight of the girls day! Also to Karen Goodwin, Melissa Spies and Katie Rushworth, thank-you for all your help and enthusiasm! The girls loved their photographer and ‘Physie Fairies’!
Fitness and bootcamp with Miss Laurie from ‘The Bootcamp Team’ 
Physie girls pulling tyres! 
Technique and Marching with the 9-12 years! There were some beautiful pointed toes!
Miss Maddison and the Strathpine Physie Faires, Miss Katie and Miss Melissa
Danz Design will love these for the 2014 leotards! 
9-12 years choreographing their own dance to show their parents! They were all very creative!
Can’t have a Physie Workshop without some physie!
With some of the beautiful 5/6 years!
Our Leotard Design winners! Congratulations girls on your wonderful designs!
Miss Maddison and some of her gorgeous 5/6 year girls! They had a blast with the older girls!
Thanks everyone for a fantastic day!!