On Sunday 2nd of June, the Strathpine Physie Dance Troupe consisting of girls from 8 – 12 years performed at the Kurwongbah School Fete! The girls learnt the dance over a few Saturdays and dedicated one Wednesday afternoon to perfecting their performance. They all came to the fete with big smiles and lots of butterflies but represented Strathpine with enthusiasm, professionalism and lots of energy! Each and every girl made Miss Maddison and the Strathpine Club very proud!

Gemma and Jennifer have pre-performance giggles!

Physie girls are such posers!

Look at those beautiful, high kicks!

We love our pink and white!

Finally finished! Time for fairy floss and snow cones!

Thank you to the wonderful Kassity Clarke for taking all these amazing photos! See Miss Maddison for a copy of the DVD if you would like one!